We Don’t Need No Stinking GPS

“I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.”    Daniel Boone

With all due respect to not only Mr. Boone but also Alfonso Bedoya, Micky Dolenz and Mel Brooks, we have morphed the title with the quote.

My dad enjoyed wandering, much to the dismay of my mom. To appease her, he would claim his improvised route was a short cut. For years, the strategy worked as my mom did not possess any sense of direction. After a couple of decades she finally figured out that short cut meant this will take awhile.

To continue our heat and humidity hiking tour, we abducted Scout and Elliot after their second day of school and went to the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, about a half hour drive south of the city. Their gleeful enthusiasm filled the car. Despite Lois using our newly acquired smart phone GPS tools, we made it to the Sanctuary, around four. In the summer, they remain open until eight.

IMG_7641 - Copy

The 734 acre facility borders the Kentucky River and is the home to deer, snakes, otters, beavers, foxes, coyotes and other critters. Much to the dismay of Lois, Scout, and Elliot, Raven Run also claims ten miles of hiking trails.

A modern visitor center provides hands on exhibits for kids.

IMG_7639 - Copy

We selected the red trail, which is the longest trail in the Sanctuary. Several protests were noted.

IMG_7642 - Copy

A former resident still rests here.

IMG_7645 - Copy

IMG_7647 - Copy

While we spotted two deer, the photographer did better with this shot.


Then we found  these two kids. They were scary.


Elliot, just like Dutchess, will always find a stick.




A large buck with a pretty velvet rack, lifted his head in this field, but once again the photographer was too slow.


Returning home, more designer appetizers by Gigi magically appeared, before we stumbled to bed.



4 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Stinking GPS

  1. Couldn’t take my eyes off the red tennis shoes. All I have to say walking threw the trail is WOW, Just beautiful and loved all of your selections for sight seeing.


  2. David has internal GPS, but I would NEVER EVER make it anywhere without GPS. Once as a child I was lost in the woods for awhile (few hours) never have since been able to even drive in my town without it…. lol – I have the sense of Math, and Science, but never direction!


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