Well, you wake up in the mornin’, you hear the work bell ring
And they march you to the table, you see the same old thing
Ain’t no food upon the table, and no pork up in the pan
But you better not complain, boy, you get in trouble with the man




After successfully negotiating a work release program, Lois agreed to remove my shackles, creating a short lived separation from my dungeon desk. While even a brief taste of freedom can be exhilarating, the warden merely redirected my efforts to hard manual labor, chainsawing and creek cleaning. For entertainment, I managed to escape to the emergency room at the University of Virginia Medical Center, to begin a series of rabies shots from the bat bite awhile back. The initial six injections will require three additional appointments over the next fourteen days. While I still have a reflection in the mirror, the image has lost much of its clarity and garlic has been stricken from the menu. 

Accordingly, even short side trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway or Forest have ended, perhaps to resume next week as the remaining work deadlines are within sight. Meanwhile in Lovingston, Virginia another incarcerated kindred spirit, managed to orchestrate a brazen daylight escape. On the lam for several days, at one point law enforcement successfully shot him, but despite being hit, he evaded capture. Rumored to be headed for the mountains, every so often I gaze outside hoping to see him avoid his tormentors. Rumor has it he is seeking asylum. Click on the two links below for local news coverage.

The Great Escape

Days later, the flight continues.

Catch Me, If You Can

Below is a photo we took earlier in the year in Mongolia, perhaps distant relatives of Meteor.

Fall in Blue Ridge Mountains arrived a week early, with the evening temperature dropping into the lower forties. The bluebirds departed for Central America a week ago. The dragonflies disappeared yesterday at the same time as my wool hat reappeared. Interestingly, the adult dragonflies may return, if the temperatures warm up. With only a six month life expectancy as an adult, they lose the ability to fly unless the temperatures exceed sixty five degrees.

An early morning jailbreak provided the opportunity to take a few photos. The fall foliage has begun to change, with the green landscaping beginning to display some diversity. This year the black ash, whose leaves have turned yellow, have already dropped most of them.


The black locust typically looses its leaves in late summer or early fall. Often they go from green to brown. In our area, the locust holds the title for the most rot resistant, with one of the highest btu ratings. A fast growing tree, it’s unforgiving thorns can gain your attention pointedly. This year they still hold their green. 


Very few of the maples have started to turn.


As I have a tendency to incorrectly identify mushrooms, the ones below may or may not be Jack O’ Lantern mushrooms or False Chanterelle.


This year our black walnut tree remains deep green, with only a single walnut on the tree.


The moon overlooks a turning Sumac Tree, not to be confused with its more nefarious cousin the Poison Sumac.


A seeding thistle spreads its seeds.


A Monarch enjoys breakfast.


A rare yellow belly digger hides between the apple trees overlooking Dead Mike’s Pond.


I may be able to use this guy to dig my way out of confinement. Willie, Danny, and Big X would approve, although it could send me directly to the cooler.















One thought on “Incarceration

  1. Louis, just love all your escapades. Photos are wonderful. Such beauty in this world if only people would stop and enjoy it, instead of who is the strongest country in the world. Such a shame of what God had created. So much bad news about the environment about birds fading out of sight and the melting of ice In Alaska. Better enjoy all you can see and more photos.


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