Rural Kentucky

“It’s a long way to Harlan and a long way to Hazard Just to get a little brew just to get a little brew” Merle Travis With the temperatures rising into the nineties, we abandoned Lexington for the higher elevations and tree covered landscapes of the Daniel Boone National Forest. We reached Slade near midday, […]

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We Don’t Need No Stinking GPS

“I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.”    Daniel Boone With all due respect to not only Mr. Boone but also Alfonso Bedoya, Micky Dolenz and Mel Brooks, we have morphed the title with the quote. My dad enjoyed wandering, much to the dismay of my mom. […]

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Back to the Other Lexington

“Lexington, Kentucky looks like paradise. Acres of grass as green and tender as a golf course putting green surround hilltop mansions. New Circle Road–a beltway enveloping the city’s heartland like a moat–attempts to separate the wealthy landowners from the encroaching strip centers and fast-food joints that are symbolic of the rest of the state …. […]

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Lexington VA Music

“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” Steve Martin The weekend found us taking the Blue Ridge Parkway, south to Lexington, Virginia. The early evening sun illuminated the billowing cumulus clouds to the north, with a lone vulture circling above us. Actually the clouds turned out to be cumulonimbus, but more about that later. […]

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Blue Ridge Parkway

“I got the blue ridge mountain blues, and I stay right here to say ‘day I’m countin’ ’til I climb that mountain In my blue ridge far away.”   Earl Scruggs     The Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Construction of the 469 mile, two […]

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Apple Capital Loop Trail

“Eat an apple on going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread,”  proverb in Pembrokeshire, Wales. After exploring  a small section of the Wenatchee’s Apple Capital Loop Trail on Saturday night, the trail demanded further exploration. Staring before seven on Sunday morning, a complete circumnavigation of the trail began. With no […]

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Washington Redux

“Green Douglas firs where the waters cut through. Down her wild mountains and canyons she flew. Canadian Northwest to the ocean so blue, Roll on, Columbia, roll On!” Wordy Guthrie The Columbia River begins its 1,243 mile journey in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. The largest river in the Pacific Northwest, created the catastrophic […]

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“Venus left him long ago For a guy named Mars from Idaho The Vulcan sent a wedding gift Three-legged stool and a wheelchair lift” John Prine Summertime road construction in the mountains of Montana and Idaho tend to show up frequently, providing a nice reprieve from driving or an agonizing delay, depending upon if you […]

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Going to the Sun

“Glaciers are almost gone from Glacier National Park.” Donella Meadows The hotel, the Country Inn, located next to the Glacier National Airport, and a 30 minute drive from the entrance to the park, provided a gorgeous welcome to the area and a glimpse of the beauty that lay ahead of us. Enter the Glacier National […]

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Inside Washington

“There are moments to indulge and enjoy, but I always know when it’s time to go home and wash my knickers.” Kate Winslet   The more you travel, the more you appreciate clean laundry. Two nights and a rest day at the Stricklers in Arlington, Washington allowed for the aforementioned clean laundry.  In Arlington, Washington, […]

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